Our Vision, Goals and Values

Our Vision

CCG will earn respect as a premier provider of IT as a Service.

We will be recognized visionPAGEwithin our industry for the quality of our services, and will be recognized as a strong leader in the IT world.

The value of our work is measured through the results that we bring to our customers.

Our Goals

As a premier IT as a Service organization our goals include:

  • To be a leading provider of IT Managed Services, IT Outsourcing and IT Advisory Services;
  • Creating “thought leadership” to push our boundaries;
  • To be a trusted adviser and partner to our clients;
  • Providing value to our clients while being a cost-competitive choice;
  • To be pro-active in the ever-evolving world of IT by exploring new technologies, deeply understanding our field, and driving down costs;
  • Offering a learning environment for our consultants and clients; and
  • Creating an environment that leads to continuous and sustainable growth for CCG.

We focus on practical, measurable performance improvements for our clients’ bottom-line.

Our Values

Our values reflect our corporate culture, and we define our company by what we’re most passionate about:

Education. IT changes at a break-neck pace, and we understand that consistently learning is the only way to stay ahead. We love to learn new things, and through learning we can improve all the services we provide for our clients.

Thought Leadership. We are always pushing the boundary on the status quo. In the tech world, stagnation won’t get you anywhere, so we always look for new, cutting-edge solutions to IT.

A Solid Reputation. Reputation is everything, and CCG does not allow our to be tarnished. We take pride in the precision we bring to every project. We are proud of our professional attitude, integrity and our partners’ consistent trust.

No Spin. Straight shooting, no jargon – no spin is important to effective communication and therefore, important to CCG. It’s just that simple: no spin. Our customers deal with real issues that impact their businesses, and we respect them enough to use only straight talk.

Passion for Growth. The more we grow, the better we are able to deliver high quality services.

Client Satisfaction. Our clients are everything to us – that’s why we want you to see significant improvements throughout all of your IT.

Driving Industry Change. IT is a business within a business: it evolves in response to new technologies and changing business needs. CCG is dedicated to being a driver of change in IT technology, process, methodologies and standards.