Application Management

application management

From a single application to the management of your application portfolio, CCG can be your most effective, flexible and cost-efficient partner.

If you’re looking for a tool-set that will take your applications to the next level, we have you covered with:

Application Hosting and Maintenance– We’ll run and maintain your application in our secure data centre or on your premises.

Triage and Application Rescue – Have an application in trouble? We know how to solve any application crisis. We’ll get you back to a smooth functioning system in no time with application rescue.

Break-fix and Support- Do you need the capacity to respond to problems and have ongoing support on demand? Get the support you need, when you need it, for less than you are paying today.

Application Life Cycle Management – We can manage your application’s lifecycle from acquisition through to retirement.

Vendor Selection and Management –  We can help you find the right vendor to fit your needs, and assist in developing and managing that relationship.

Application Portfolio Management– We wrote the book – literally. Our staff are considered world leaders in effective application portfolio management. We can help you manage your entire portfolio.

Our track record? No matter the industry, we’re ready to take on any application:

  • Financial Services– We adapted an off-the-shelf package to automate quotations and administration for one of Canada’s largest specialty underwriters. We also provide ongoing support for their on-site system.
  • Retail– We created a sales and customer management system for a company serving international retail cosmetics chains. We have been their IT department, developer and hosting partner. They have been able to successfully gain markets in Canada and internationally using the hosted system that we designed, built and continue to run on their behalf.
  • Manufacturing and Engineering– We adapted a Customer Relationship Management system to help a manufacturing and engineering company deal successfully with corporate sales. In the current recession their sales have grown, which really speaks to the quality of our system.
  • Education – We have adapted systems for purchasing, fundraising, and alumni management for two major universities. In each case, we host the system and we have provided development and maintenance support.
  • Media and Communications– We created a system to manage advertising sales and administration for a company that manages advertising in weekly newspapers.
  • Not for Profit– We host stakeholder management type systems for not for profits.
  • Healthcare- We created a grant management system for a health-care funding agency as an interim step while they built a much larger solution. Our system was up and running in weeks.
  • Technology– We provide CRM systems for a number of high tech companies.