Cloud Computing

“Cloud is the fifth wave – firms must ride it, or be swept away” – Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMWare

cloud computing

Cloud Computing is not a technology – it’s a business model that enables businesses to drive overall efficiency, and consume IT more effectively. It is what we call a “paradigm shift”. Cloud empowers businesses like yours with highly automated, scalable and flexible IT.

We stand behind Cloud Computing as the way of the future. It offers improved communication, collaboration, security, mobility, and boosts your ROI on IT. There are so many reasons to switch to virtual IT. But where do you start? How do you move from hard-wired IT solutions to the Cloud?

CCG can help you with our Cloud migration services. We’ll communicate with you, plan the move, migrate your data, and set up your system so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll even train your staff for operations (including Helpdesk) so everyone involved in your business can effectively use your new IT system.

Will the Cloud Cause Downtime?

We provide turnkey services – meaning you can be in the Cloud without all the downtime that other migrations might otherwise cause. We will be on-location to assist users through the critical change period. This will help ease resistance to the transition and ensure a smoother process.

Cloud Computing yields SMART results. It allows critical transactions to be accessible at anytime, anywhere – with the proper application. How exactly is Cloud Computing SMART?

S: Sales Increases – The less time you deal with administrative matters, the more time you can spend selling.

M: More Control – Get key business stats and metrics in real time; businesses can make informed decisions faster and never be out of touch with their important business data.

A: Accelerated Profits – Having real-time information means better – and more profitable – decisions.

R: Real-time Information – Get key business management data in seconds, whenever and wherever the business operator is.

T: Technology Enhancements — Costs are significantly lower than other solutions thanks to the cloud’s mobility and simplicity.

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