Transformation Services

Change is tough. When your IT has been in place for a long time, things can get exacerbated fast. Patches, hardware upgrades, and infrastructure changes can be made more difficult by keeping the same hardware and software around for too long.

Staff might get comfortable with workarounds and manual intervention, often in critical processes. This can cost you big time, as information and knowledge become increasingly harder to get a hold of. Basically, that means that IT staff with specialized knowledge are becoming a very precious resource – they can be the difference between a business flourishing and failing.

IT managed services

It’s time for change.

Whether you run a small business or a multi-national corporation, there are so many tools, method and processes that can help you capture crucial information about your business, automate administrative tasks, and gain better knowledge of your customers, partners and vendors. These aren’t exclusive to big enterprises – you can utilize them for your business no matter what size (and they’re not as expensive as many businesses assume).

You can try this yourself, but keep in mind some of the requirements typical of these transitions:

  • Defining and executing your IT transformation strategy
  • Selecting the right software
  • Deciding on technology and infrastructure – In-house versus public cloud? Private cloud versus a hybrid?
  • Integrating applications and making best use of the infrastructure
  • Helping staff manage through the change with information and training

All of these things can add up to a better, more powerful IT solution, but it can be hard to implement all of it on your own. If it sounds like you need an easier way to transition, CCG is the partner that can help you get there – and getting started is simple. With our comprehensive “Fast Start ITaaS” we’ll:

  • Learn your current state of processes, technology, and the staff who manage key tasks.
  • Help establish your priorities.
  • Define your ideal or target state and
  • Provides a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Our program’s success gives more benefits than meet the eye. First, it’s a strategic move and not just a cost-cutting exercise. It’s all about adopting a shift in IT from being reactive to supporting and even driving business improvement while eliminating the headache of running IT.

Once the vision or roadmap is established, CCG engages its ITaaS team of expert architects and technical consultants to build to your goals. Our extensive experience ensures:

  • Minimized impact to your daily business during the development phase.
  • Smooth roll-out, on-time and on-budget
  • Effective transition to steady state for ongoing management.

Ready to upgrade? Call or Email us now to bring your IT to the next level.