Benefits of ITaaS

There is a gap in today’s IT market when it comes to satisfying a wide variety of needs. We also know that IT changes work best when they are closely in-tune with an individual’s business cycles.

At CCG, we work hard to align closely with individual customers’ business cycles – our IT as a Service model is designed to scale with your needs. Our approach is the result of years of experience in IT transformation and outsourcing, combined with a clear vision of the next generation of business operations. In place of a complex, stiff and costly IT system, ITaaS provides:

IT as a Service

  • A full suite of IT Managed Services that meet all of your IT needs: ITaaS is the complete IT service for your business. 
  • A scalable and flexible service that packages infrastructure, applications and support for your individual needs
  • A pricing model that is utility-based; you only pay for the IT that you actually use
  • A bank of experts ready to support the business with modified IT services
  • IT Governance, Strategy and Management

CCG ensures reliable transition and ongoing service delivery through a carefully planned and executed strategy, which includes: discovery and design, transition planning, change management, governance and service management, and performance review and modification as needed.

But what do YOU get out of ITaaS?

  • Reduced overhead costs, obsolescence and excess capacity. No more paying for what you don’t need.
  • Optimized mix of capital and operating expenses
  • Agility and scalability in IT services to match business priorities. Adapt to your priorities when you need to.
  • Freedom to realign resources to critical activities at the core of your business.